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Cuppa Espresso Machine

Coffee Campout Enthusiast

Coffee Campout Enthusiast

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Embark on a coffee adventure under the open sky with our Coffee Campout Enthusiast Kit. This carefully curated set is designed for those who crave the thrill of coffee in the great outdoors. Discover the magic of brewing with our sleek black Moka Pot, capable of delivering a rich and robust coffee experience no matter where you are. Sip your aromatic masterpiece from a charming vintage coffee cup that adds a touch of nostalgia to every sip. To further enhance your campfire coffee ritual, we've included a pack of Sultan Kudarat Coffee Beans, known for their bold and exquisite flavors. Embrace the beauty of nature while indulging in the perfect cup of joe with our Coffee Campout Enthusiast Kit.

Set A
This kit features a stunning matte black Moka Pot capable of serving up to 6 rich and bold espresso shots. Paired with the exquisite Japanese Vintage Style Stoneware Cup, it's a match made in coffee heaven, along with a small pack of Sultan Kudarat Coffee beans for only P2,000

Set B
Indulge in the art of coffee brewing with this elegant kit, perfect for the discerning coffee lover. This gift box includes a matte black Moka Pot, a Japanese Vintage Style Stoneware Cup, and a large bag of Sultan Kudarat Coffee beans for only P2,500

Set C
This ultimate kit is designed to elevate your outdoor brewing experience to new heights. Brew with precision using our sleek black Moka Pot and enhance your coffee rituals with a vintage coffee cup that brings a touch of nostalgia to every sip. But that's not all! We've also included a state-of-the-art digital LED scale with a timer, ensuring perfect measurements and impeccable timing for your brews, along with a large bag of our signature Sultan Kudarat coffee beans. Get this for only P3,500!



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