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Cuppa Espresso Machine

Stainless Non-Pressurized Basket for CEM-101

Stainless Non-Pressurized Basket for CEM-101

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Stainless "Naked" non pressurized basket for CEM-101 Personal Espresso Machine

Level up your extraction game with non-pressurized baskets available in single or double cup. It is very important to ensure you dial in your grinder correctly to find the best grind for your machine if using a non-pressurized basket.

When using a non-pressurized basket, to achieve the best results you may need a finer grind of coffee, tamping also plays a much more important role in the extraction. While these baskets do require more precision, your extra hard work will yield some great results.

Non-pressurised baskets will give you a fuller-bodied extraction which exhibits all of the nice flavours we like in a good coffee (when you get the extraction right). This is suitable for our 51mm Cuppa Personal Espresso Machine.

Two sizes are available: 1 cup and 2 cups

  • 51 mm in diameter
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable

*Machine/plastic tamper/portafilter not included

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